Sick Kids

When a child is sick, they become so vulnerable.

Your heart goes out to them, but I have to admit it makes me a little happy, too.

Recently my oldest son, Nick, age 11, threw up on a school field trip to the museum.

He felt queasy. First he tried to sleep it off behind one of the glass cases. But when he stood up, barf! On the museum floor.

He came home, went straight to bed. I’d been working in my home office.

I tucked him in. I offered him drinks, snacks.

“Dad, I just need to sleep, I’m so tired.”

Maybe it’s just me, I was assailed by horrible thoughts. What if he has appendicitis, and those were his last words.

Cut to me brushing past the news media. “I can’t talk right now. His last words were ‘Dad I’m so tired.'”

But when he woke up he was fine. That is, he puked a couple more times, into the bowl provided by yours truly, but eventually recovered. Kids get so sick; then they recover so quick. It’s alarming and amazing.

The thing is, he was so sweetly vulnerable during his convalescence. He’s been so independent. It was the first time in a long time,. I realized, he needed me like that.

I have to admit, I sort of…savored it.

Is it sick of me to have that feeling? Is that some kind of Munchhausen’s-by-proxy type thing? Do I need to get more of a life?

Personal review from the editor:

I feel our kids are growing up way to fast.our little babies that depend on us for every move that they make, all of a sudden wake up one day and don’t need us so much anymore.they wake up in the morning want to get there own breakfast,Woolf it down and out they go off to school for 6 1/2 hours then come home long enough to get homework done and outside again till it’s time to eat.if you go out side to be with them in the park and their with their friends well that’s just a big No No how embarrassing to have your mom or dad there with your friends.then it’s bed time come tuck me in, but No kiss.

(I’m much to old for that).

Well ok maybe on the cheek. I say I Love you have a good sleep.And get a returned goodnight.So I repeat I Love you then get I Love you in return. Are they really to old for kisses and saying I Love you. Hmmm..

So we as parents don’t get to see our kids needy or vulnerable unless they are hurt or sick.

On weekends they are off all day playing with the friends that they see all week at school.

So at last one day a week is mine with my kids we pick a day for family day we do everything together for the day then at night we can cuddle on the couch ad watch a movie have popcorn/Chips or whatever.

it’s a special day for me to spend time with my kids.

they don’t seem to get sick to often so I decided to take a day a week it’s my day with the kids and I enjoy it.

What is the Natural Way to Stop Sugar Cravings?

I think that we all know that you do not crave fresh baked apple pie as much just reading or thinking about it as we do when we are in a room filled with the scent of a warm pie that is just getting ready to leave the oven. This should give us some hint that our nose and our desire to eat are connected. Ever go from fine I have to have whatever that is just be entering a restaurant or kitchen? Everyone has, but scientists have finally used this well known fact to come up with a clue to solving the problem that plagues so many of us, how to stop sugar cravings naturally, go on reading this article.

Who would finally put these pieces together? Dr. V Ruth Pinney. It is common medical knowledge that there are 12 major nerves that run from your brain to the rest of your body. 11 are connected to the brain stem, but 1 of them is connected to the lower frontal cortex, not the brain stem. The lower frontal cortex is the part of your brain that is responsible for your highest brain function. This is the area of the brain we are trying to protect with helmets when we ride a bike.

Why does the sense of smell demand its own area of the brain with the most to process complex information? If the brain stem is good enough for our complex optic nerves that give use our sight, then why not the nose? Dr. Pinney was fascinated and it made her want to dig deeper into this mystery. She opened not only her own company, but a research lab to further study the roll of smell.

What she discovered is nothing short of a miracle for those suffering with a sweet tooth. NOXO Sweets Control is a balm that you apply under your nose and it actually suppresses your brain’s desire to have sweets, in particular chocolate. NOXO Sweets Control was used in independent clinical trials and within 3 weeks individuals lost weight and stopped craving sweets.

Finally a fast, convenient way to control your sweet tooth without side effects. Simply carry it in your purse like it is lip balm and you can re-apply as needed. Very handy for the car or your office desk to fight off cravings for the treats your co-worker brought in or the drive thru sweets your family and friends get. NOXO gives you back your will power to resist sweets.

For more information on how to stop your sugar cravings, read on this article at here.

Finding the Health Insurance Match for the Ideal Price

It is very important to find the right health insurance match for the price that you will be paying on your health insurance. The market is full of various insurance providers that offer a range of health insurance plans. Finding the ideal health insurance plan can be a tedious exercise. Obviously, you do not have the time or the inclination to sift through such a large volume of data that is available online. So what do you do? The easiest way is to get online health insurance quotes.

There are a number of specialist health insurance websites that provide the service of offering free insurance quotes online. As a client, you will get a list of health insurance quotes if you request for it. It is easy to compare and analyze each quote of health insurance to match your specific requirements. You can find a policy that is not too cheap or too expensive, while also getting you the necessary health insurance coverage. Comparison shopping helps you find the ideal health insurance match to your budgeted price.

Many of us are hesitant to buy health insurance due to the costs involved. But health insurance is a necessity that cannot be ignored. For this reason, you must find health insurance to match your budget. Always consider the premium you are going to pay before deciding to buy the health insurance policy. Every month, you will be required to pay a certain premium amount which you must plan for. It is essential that you don’t miss out on the premium payments or you may not find the coverage that you paid for incase of illness or hospitalization.

Even a basic health insurance plan is better than no insurance at all. If you cannot afford a health plan that provides all the possible coverage, find one that gives you a basic coverage. Getting free health insurance quotes online enables you to find health insurance to match your spending capacity and suits your unique needs.

Senna Leaf Tea Review

Senna leaf tea helps to relieve constipation by stimulating the colon. It softens the stools that may be built up in the colon, and then speed along the contents to move on out of the body. This gives the body less time to absorb fluid from the stool, so that it remains soft. This can be helpful for those who feel that they have a buildup of toxins or waste products in the colon, due to constipation or other digestive issues, and wish to cleanse their intestines. It is often combined with other cleansing agents to help purify the liver and kidneys as well.

It’s important to only take the recommended dosage of senna leaf tea, to avoid abdominal cramping or any other side effects. The strength will vary depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, so if you buy prepackaged tea bags, be sure to take a look at those amounts and follow any instructions carefully. You can start by taking one cup of tea at night, before going to bed. This will loosen your stools and help you to eliminate any waste products first thing in the morning. For more severe cases of constipation, you can take more senna tea, up to two cups per day for the best results.

It’s not recommended to take senna leaf tea if you are pregnant or if you have any symptoms that accompany your constipation, such as abdominal pain and vomiting. If you have any questions about whether or not it is safe for you to use, it’s best to ask your doctor first before you start. Senna should not be given to any children under the age of three. If you are looking for a natural remedy to constipation or a secret aid to weight loss, however, this tea could be just the right solution for you.


Hemorrhoids, inflammatory conditions of the gastro intestinal tract, diarrhea, pregnancy Repeated use of strong purgatives such as Senna may aggravate constipation and weaken the tone of the colon. Chronic constipation may be dealt with better by moistening therapy and by laxative oils.

Senna leaf should not be overused by pregnant, menstruating, or postpartum women.


The following tips will help in buying high quality essential oil:

    1. After determining the proper oil from a qualified health professional, visit a genuine dealer of genuine establishments .Primary importance should be for the quality of the item than the cost.
    2. Ask the vendor to provide free samples. This may help in testing or verifying the quality, at least to some extend.
    3. Never purchase from vendors at street fairs. They will cheat by selling spurious, cheap products and then disappear.
    4. Check for dust on the top of the bottles. This means oil has been there for quite sometime. It is but natural that as time passes, many oils lose their therapeutic properties, and their aroma decreases.
    5. Do not be carried away by the phrase “pure essential oil”. It is misleading. Quality of the plant, the distillation processes, bottling, storage etc play an important part to guarantee the purity of the oil. The vender may have little idea about these.
    6. Go for pure essential oils and not synthetic essential oils. According to aroma therapists, synthetic oils do not possess the same therapeutic properties as pure essential oils. Synthetic oils can cause headaches, allergic reactions etc. Synthetic oil can never match pure essential oil in quality.
    7. Check the color of the glass bottle. It should be dark amber or blue. If it is clear or colorless, it can permit light to pass through, thereby decaying the oil.
      Essential oil has chemical action with plastic. With the result, oil in plastic container gets contaminated. So avoid plastic bottles.
    8. Aluminum bottles are acceptable with inside lining.
    9. Rubber can dissolve and contaminate the oil. So refrain from buying oil with rubber eye dropper bulb on top.

Read carefully the write-ups. The label on the bottle should contain markings like “100% essential oil” or “pure essential oil”. Avoid “aromatherapy oil” fragrant oil”, “perfume oil” etc because they are not pure but mixed with other substances including chemicals.

Reputed companies put the Latin name of the essential oil on the bottle in addition to the common name for the benefit of the customer to avoid confusion. The write-ups should indicate the country of manufacture and method of extraction. The country of origin is important because properties of the oil considerably depend on the climatic and soil conditions of the country.

When you come across the same prices for different oils, it is an indication that oils are synthetic. The raw materials used, their availability, their quantity, method of extraction, all these factors affect the cost. Obviously, the cost of each essential oil varies.

Avoid products from companies that supply to the food & beverage industries.

Essential oils diluted with vegetable oils are to be avoided straightaway.

While sniffing the oil holds the bottle about six inches from the nose. If it is too close, the pure, strong, oil will affect your brain and cause headache.
Avoid comparing different brands of oils, scents etc continuously. Give some interval because the concentration will affect the senses such that you fail to notice the differences in the oils.

Last but not the least, check for expiry date, if any.

Soda With Stevia

I see that you are looking for a more healthy alternative to sodas with sucralose, aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners. Well you are in luck because here we review soda’s with STEVIA, and drink them on a daily basis. I hope that our reviews will help you make better decision on which one to try. Enjoy!

1st: Zevia

We are proud to present the first line of stevia based sodas to come out. It’s Zevia one of several sodas made with Reb A (stevia extract). We used Zevia as our 1st choice because they have the largest variety of flavors.

They have 12 to be exact: which include Black Cherry, Caffine Free Cola, Cherry Cola, Cola, Cream soda, Dr. Zevia, Ginger Ale, Ginger Root Beer, Grape, Grapefruit Citrus, Lemon Lime Twist, Lime Cola, Mountain Zevia, Orange, and Strawberry.

Not to mention Zevia tastes pretty good and it has zero calories. The makers of Zevia don’t use artificial flavors at all. Instead they use extracts from fruits and other natural food sources to acquire a vast number of flavors.

Pros: Zevia has have lots of flavors. Tastes good. Contains no artificial flavors. You can buy it online.

Cons: Contains Erythritol (like most soda’s with stevia)

2nd: Sans Natural Diet Soda

Next in line we introduce Sans Natural Diet Soda, we felt it’s a close second because of its smaller variety of flavors.

They have 5 to be exact: Cola, Orange, Lemon Lime, Black Cherry, and Root Beer.

As far as taste they are all good but I like the black cherry and followed by the cola. They have zero calories and are also made with natural ingredients.

Some people will particularly like that Sans dose not contain Erythritol, which is just a sugar alcohol derived from fermenting glucose and yeast.

Pros: Dose not contain Erythritol. Tastes good. Nice looking can.

Cons: Small choice of flavors.

3rd: Sprite Green

Last in line, its Sprite Green. I will say that I can’t find Sprite Green anywhere. Going based off the reviews I’ve read on it, Sprite Green sucks hardcore! Because apparently it tastes like sprite going down but has a terrible aftertaste that sneaks up on you!

many people describe the aftertaste as a lingering hair spray or really terrible vodka aftertaste!

I think I’ll just stay away from this onea€| makes me want to scrub my tongue just thinking about it.

Pros: It’s low calorie.

Cons: It has sugar (50 calories worth). It’s not 100% natural. Terrible aftertaste.

Eat like crazy: Britney Spears says she’s sugar free

I’m not sure if I should say this (or type it even) out loud, but I officially have something pretty big deal in common with Britney Spears.

No, it’s not blond extensions. Sadly, not even a future project with JT. It’s not fishnets (OK, we do have a love of fishnets in common, but I swear I toss mine when they’re torn and try never to wear them under jean shorts) and it’s not outbursts of the barber razor/umbrella/plowing past the paparazzi kind.

It’s our diet. Britney Spears recently spoke out about going sugar-free as a part of her reassembling-her-kooky- life commitment. Or at least shaping up her much-scorned body.

Brit Brit told OK! Magazine (what is it with the Spears sisters and that magazine?), “I’m the healthiest I’ve been all my life.”

Sure, her life’s only been 26 years long but we all know the lady’s lived a lot during that time. She went on to articulate that her goal is to “get cut,” which will be…ummm, awesome to see, I guess. Especially if she isn’t stumbling or swaying the next time we get to see her flex those abs on stage (I believe in you, girl…really, I do).

The pop star reports that she’s eating 1,200 calories a day of salmon, rice and avocados, all foods that we all know have healthy fat and other nutritional goodness that we all need and help us chase kids, award show performances and our dads down for a weekly allowance out of our own paychecks (oh, was that too much?).

To be honest, I should tell you that I am not completely sugar-free at this point, although I spent about five months off of the junk last summer. It took a solid, challenging four weeks to kick the sugar out of my system and my cravings. I stopped wanting sugar because a few bites of my son’s birthday cake or a few sips of a creamy vanilla bean shake made me feel sick and regretful. I wasn’t as extreme as Britney — she’s not even eating fruit — but I did feel and look much better after months of detoxing my system from all that white (and even raw and brown and syrupy) stuff. Since then, my sugar intake is a fraction of what it used to be, which only confirms for me that we all eat much more of it than we even realize. And while I decide whether I’m ready to return to a sugar-free lifestyle again, I will certainly be looking to our favorite hot mess as my nutritional mentor.

OK, I won’t be doing that at all. But I also won’t be smoking around my child or (did I already mention this?) pairing up with Justin Timberlake. Our commonality may be based solely on a once-sugar-free me and a currently-PRed Brit, and I’m good with the buck stopping there.

What do you think of Britney’s new meal plan? Is she really getting healthy or is this a great way to divert our attention from her unhealthy past?

Does this (or any other celeb diet plan) inspire you go sugar-free (hey, you never know when YOU might run into JT)?

Are you happy or not

I think happiness is one of the highest goals to set your sights on. There’s a reason America was founded on life, liberty and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. : D

As far as my own happiness, I am a very happy person. Based on this article alone, I should be. My stress levels are low, and my relationships flourish. I watch some TV, but not very much. Maybe 2 hours a night depending on how long it takes me to fall asleep. I have irregular insomnia, so lack of sleep gets to me sometimes, but I’m working on it. As far a seeking pleasure, eh, I have a few healthy things I enjoy doing for pleasure (and one or two unhealthy things) but my heart does not maintain a spirit of want. I gave up a prestigious position and 10K a year to pick the job that made me happy. I’m still here and it’s worth every penny.

I think majorly maintaining a spirit of humility, practicality and realism is a very important part of achieving happiness. You can only be happy when you have satisfaction. You can be satisfied without all the “needs” and wants. Jessica, based on that opinion I think your mom may be happy feeling the way she does about happiness. ; ) Maybe not worrying about being happy is all it takes for her to feel satisfied in her life, and thus, happy.

There are so many ways to pursue and produce happiness, it’s impossible to list them all.

8 ways to “give back” this holiday season

Everywhere we turn, it seems, we hear news of the economy and the impact it’s having on every American life. At this time of year with Thanksgiving upon us and the holiday season right around the corner, it may be hard to find ways to celebrate the season without breaking the bank.

Here are 8 simple ideas for giving back this holiday season.  Most are no-cost, some little-cost, suggestions for helping others. And we all know one of the best ways to help yourself feel better is to help someone else.

1) Donate your old cell phone to victims of domestic violence at
2) Forgive someone.
3) Tutor a budding writer at
4) Instead of giving the party hostess a bottle of wine, donate to a local charity in her name.
5) Save energy by shutting off your computer at day’s end.
6) Help fund supplies and field trips to underfunded public schools at
7) When you hear a siren, say a little prayer for the person(s) in need.
8) Use recyclable bags to grocery shop.

Give these a try and tell us about it in the comments. Or, share your ideas for meaningful, low cost, ways to “give back”.

Want more ideas?

What Are Masturbation Maladies For You

Masturbation has been an area of social concern and censure throughout history. Religion teaches that procreation is the only legitimate purpose of sexual behavior. This is the moral of the story in the bible story about Onan, who was punished for “spilling his seed” on the ground rather than impregnating his brother’s wife.

In 1760 Samuel-August Tissot wrote about the damaging effects of “self-abuse.” He thought semen was an essential oil and stimulus that when lost in great amounts would cause insanity. His writings influenced the medical attitudes in Europe and North America for generations.

In the 1800’s the regimen prescribed to decrease the desire for single-sex included abstinence, simple foods, and exercise. Diets rich in meat were thought to cause lascivisiousness. Reverend Sylvester Graham promoted the use of whole grain flours and created the graham cracker to limit masturbation. John Harvey Kellogg, M.D., carried his work even further and created the cornflake to discourage the wantoness that led to masturbation.

Other means of controlling masturbation included the use of chastity belts made from leather and metal. Young girls were often prohibited from horseback riding and bike riding because the sensations mimicked masturbation.

Individuals whose religion teach that masturbation is sinful usually feel an overwhelming sense of guilt. But, masturbation has no physical disadvantages. The only concern is that men who masturbate rapidly have a high correlation to premature ejactulation.

Decades of cautionary tales and religious damnation cannot be undone easily. But, masturbation is normal and healthy and should be viewed as an option for sexual expression. For more information on the positive aspects of masturbation please read Masturbation Merriment.